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Mediaqubit 's video technology is based on know-how and knowledge accumulated while producing contents in various science and technology fields. We promise the best results with various ideas and steady management in line with the various new video techniques and media.


This is a video made based on live-action shooting. It is mainly produced for promotional videos or broadcasts for organizations and companies. In the live-action video filmed based on the bouncing plan  You can create more effective videos by adding Mediaqubit's computer graphics technology. 


Computer graphics allow you to image parts you can't actually see. We do not simply work on graphics, but we make videos that anyone can understand easily by fully understanding the content and planning the composition more easily than the designer. 


Mediaqubit is not just a video production company. We also create various contents that are the basis for proper video contents. From online newsletters, offline magazines to published books, we produce everything that is expressed in writing.


Now is the age of social networks. The effectiveness of promotion and marketing using YouTube is already surpassing all existing media. Mediaqubit is producing video content with various ideas and techniques that are best suited for marketing using YouTube.

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