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Video, science and technology visualization, knowledge content

Mediaqubit Co., Ltd. is a small and medium-sized company specializing in knowledge content established in 2016 to open a new chapter in knowledge content by experts who have been producing various videos for more than 10 years and writers from journalists.

It boasts differentiated content by combining science technology + storytelling + video production technology (3D, VFX). We have a professional organization you can trust from planning to final editing.

If you are tired of boring videos, Mediaqubit is a choice you will not regret.

​MediaQbit Show Reel

MediaQbit 2020 Show Reel

​science and technology visualization

"Science to the masses, the masses to science" is MediaQbit's vision.
A space that human beings cannot go, the inside of a living body, The invisible nano world and the universe, scientists Imagination Technologies that exist within or will be in the distant future cannot be seen right now.

'Science and Technology Visualization' is about science and technology topics using computers. It is an operation to process animation, video, image, etc. Science that used to be difficult can be made easy Help you understand.

​이런 분은 연락주세요

연구과제발표, 전시회 참가, 학회발표, 강연자료, 연구성과 홍보, 기술마케팅 등에 사용할 영상이 필요하신 분

​과학기술원리나 개념에 대한 보조자료 또는 학습을 위한 지식콘텐츠가 필요하신 분

  • 유튜브

■ April 2016        Registered as Mediaqubit Co., Ltd.

■ May 2016        Mediaqubit Co., Ltd. Business registration and video production work

■ July 2016        Small business verification

■ October 2016      Selected as 'Startup customized commercialization support project' by Startup Promotion Agency

■ December 2016      Moved into Jinri Hall, Munji Campus, KAIST

■ May 2017        Acquisition of direct production confirmation certificate (video production service)

■ September 2017        Received silver prize in 'Science Webtoon Contest' hosted by Busan National Science Museum

■ October 2017     Issuance of guarantee certificate from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

■ October 2017     Participated in 'Hello Science Village Festival' hosted by Daedeok Net

■ January 2018       Selected as '2018 New Export Enterprise Support Project' by KOTRA

■ March 2018~     'Science Slam D' hosted by the National Science and Technology Research Association, sponsors video production

■ May 2018       Selected as 'management consulting business' by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

■ October 2018     Participated in Daejeon Science Festival

■ November 2018     Selected as a resident enterprise research center by the Smart Healthcare VR Project Group

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