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​digital personal assistant

Digital Personal Assistant

AI professional assistant who interacts with humans helps in difficult and complex daily life

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Life support robot

Life Support Robot

At home, robots provide customized services (information, care, and living support) to prepare for an aging society and a single-person household, and to realize a work-family balance society.

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​Connected Autonomous Mobility

Connected Mobility

Super-connection-based autonomous driving that guarantees 0% accident rate and 100% safety responds to traffic accidents, transportation inconvenience, and the vulnerable

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​The second body - Exoskin

Augmented Body-Exoskin

Maintaining a healthy and independent life in an aging society by supplementing reduced/damaged functions or enhancing abilities by wearing them as a part of the body

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​emotional healing

Affective Care

Provides emotional communication and emotional healing that transcends time and space through human five senses and emotional interaction

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​Environmentally aware autonomous production farm

Smart Farm

Responding to climate change and changes in consumption patterns through autonomous production that links production, distribution and consumption of food in a clean space

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